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PSP 1000 Repair
Not Reading UMD

When a UMD is inserted into the PSP 1000 it will fail to read the game or movie.

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Cracked / Smashed LCD Screen

There are cracks or lines on the LCD screen making it difficult to see the image on the PSP.

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Button or Analogue Joystick Faults

The analogue joystick moves in the wrong direction, or your buttons are unresponsive.

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Physical Damage to your PSP

Your PSP still functions correctly but there is damage to the case, faceplate or UMD door.

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Power Faults

The green light does not come on, the PSP is completely unresponsive.

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Unbricking Service / Firmware Problems

The firmware on your PSP has corrupted, we'll repair this by putting the PSP into service mode.

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WiFi or Headphone Jack Repair

PSP cannot connect to a Wifi network and or you may have problems with headphones.

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