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Slim Playstation Repairs
Not Reading Games or Drive Problems

Your PlayStation 3 Slim will not load games, Blu-rays or DVDs. The drive may not accept or eject games.

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Power Problems

Console not powering on or powering on for a few seconds and turning off.

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HDD (Hard Disc Drive) Fault

The PlayStation 3 Slim may be unable to complete a system update, or you receive error messages relating to the hard drive.

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Port Damage

You may experience connectivity issues with any of the ports on the console, There may be clear physical damage to the port caused by accidental damage from foreign object or from cables being removed improperly.

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Wifi Connection Problem

The Playstation 3 may have difficulties connecting to the internet/home network via the Wi-Fi connection. In some cases the Bluetooth pads will not sync to the console without the wire.

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Firmware Errors

Usually caused by a bad firmware update, minor hardware failure or hdd firmware errors can include any error code given when operating the console normally, when the console boots or commonly during the update procedure, there are many causes for these messages/errors to appear so any additional info is appreciated.

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Don’t know what’s wrong with your Sony PS3?

If you're unsure of your fault or have multiple faults please send us your machine for a free estimate!

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